The 2018 Central Coast Cross Country season is starting on Saturday April 7th at Pioneer Dairy, off South Tacoma road. On-line registration begins mid-March. The preliminary program will be available soon and has more than 22 races at 18 different locations including new venues, a night run and a team run. Twenty runs are timed during the season for the overall age/gender/distance competition. 

Each Saturday CCXC run is organized along three different loop tracks in two waves at a specific venue. The first wave is the shortest track (typically 2 km) and normally starts at 14.30. The second wave is a combined start of the medium (4 km) and long track (6 km) and starts shortly after the first wave has finished. This provides the opportunity to either do a warm-up run before starting the medium/long or to run up with family members that run the short track. Each track is clearly marked and where needed volunteers are posting along the track to give directions.

It is possible to opt for season-pass registration with free T-shirt, but registration with single-day pass purchase each attending week is also possible .The fees are kept to a minimum to cover local council fees and compulsory insurance when attending the event. Through a questionnaire at registration one can opt for email report of personal race results...


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