The race results took some time to find your way as we had to manually feed the paper registration data into the computer prior to analysing the tags of the race... Please find below the results and some statistics on the race:
  • Online registrations: 167 (electronic import data)
  • On-race-day registrations: 52 (manual input data)
  • Total registrations at race day:   219  (117/102 Female/Male)
  • 48% of the participants is under 18 yrs of age
  • Division numbers: Short distance (2K): 109 run, 2 walk
                              Medium distance (4K): 69 run
                              Long distance (6K):  39 run
  • The T-shirt distribution at the start line: (3%) size 4, (1%) size 6, (7%) size 8, (14%) size 10, (10%) size 12, (5%) size 14, (17%) size S, (18%) size M, (14%) size L, (8%) size XL, (1%) 2XL, (0.5%) 3XL, (0.5%) 5XL
  • Backup photos taken at the finish line: 9,530 (typically 2 every second)

The finish video as made from the backup images at the finish line:

Race results:  SHORT --- MEDIUM--- LONG

For questions, mutations in tag assignments, please do not hesitate to report this back, either by email or at the counter prior to the next race..  


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